## Goo'N'Ghosts

In a small cabin in the woods a young guy tries to escape an old evil.
It is your task to make sure that the the player makes it's way to the top and escapes the lingering monstrosity that is lurking beneath the cabin floor.
Goo'N'Ghosts is a 2D Plattformer. It is your task to make sure that the player does not get eaten by the pursuer.

Made by : Wr4thon and Nerzal

* A / Arrow-left: move left
* D / Arrow-right: move right
* S Fall/Move through platforms * Space: jump
* Space(Air): double jump
* Esc: Go back to menu
* Mouse: Left klick is used to solve the riddles

# Explanation:
* Some Ghosts might help you out with an Item - have an eye on them ;)
* You can move through platforms by pressing "S"

## Tools:
* VisualStudio
* Unity
* Gimp
* Photoshop

## Update:
The Web build is now directly playable on itch.io
I will continue to provide Bugfixes on the WebGL version on itch.io, so play this one, if you want a "bugfree" version. To try out the original submitted version use the Windows/Linux version provided here :)

Changes (15.08):
 - Jumping should now work as intended
 - StickyWalls fixed
 - Reduced the time the character keeps moving after releasing the button
 - Music shouldn't stop after first track has been played entirely

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Ludum Dare 42
LinksLudum Dare


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