# Dudes of Wizardry

## Story:
You are a necromancer who was killed by some dudes, which knew you were a bad dude.
They stole your soulcrystal and buried you on the graveyard (nice guys, tho!).
Fortunately you are a necromancer and so you are capable of self rezzing, stealing soles and stuff.

### Hint:

The story has multiple endings ;) You may have to teleport to reach certain areas ;)

# Controls:

    A / Arrow-left: move left
    D / Arrow-right: move right
    Q : next spell (mouse scrolling also works)
    E : previous spell
    Space: jump
    Mouse: Left klick to cast spells

# Spell - Explanation
    Each spell (except for *EathSouls*) spells unleash on the position where you click (on the ground)

    - SkullExplosion: Can be casted while moving
    - Poison: Can be casted while moving
    - Teleport: Can be casted while moving
    - DeathClaw: Must stand still to cast
    - EatSouls: Leach souls from dead enemies to heal yourself!


Dudes of Wizardry
Made by

Nerzal https://noobygames.de

Name by
Der Dachs im Speckmantel

- Math for HP Bowl
- Minor parts of the story

- Some Necro Spell Effects
- SpellIcons

Thank u very much!

 - Blambot Comic Fonts
 - https://www.1001fonts.com/feast-of-flesh-bb-font.html

Multiple sounds are taken from:

monte32 <3


Sound FX & Scores Pack
Game assets collection by Ove Melaa  

Special thanks to everyone who creates free assets!

Thanks for playing the game!

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